Musicality 2011 – Episode 6

This week a round-up of some new releases, plus some tour news.

We’ll hear some new electronica from Austrian producer Herwig Holzmann aka Photophob, and Scottish producer Krowne, more from the newly release self-titled album from Seefeel, and a track from the long-awaited new album of enviro-ambient artist Macaw.

We’ll also take some sample-driven pop from the Berg Sans Nipple and the soon to tour Go Team, plus we celebrate the reformation of Electrelane.

The Berg Sans Nipple – Change the Shape from “Build With Erosion” (Team Love)

Photophob – Backyard Prophet from “Urban Dialectics” (Laridae)

Shackleton – Deadman (King Midas Sound Death Dub) from the EP Deadman (Honest Jons)

Krowne – Quantum Living (feat. Texture) from the EP “Quantum Living” (Black Lantern)

Seefeel – rip-run from “Seefeel” (Warp)

Macaw – What Circle Where from “Celadon” (Sockets Records)

‘O’Rang – Little Sister from the compilation “A Brief History of Ambient 4: Isolationism” (Virgin)

The Go Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O. from “Rolling Blackouts” ()

The Berg Sans Nipple – Convert The Measurement from “Build With Erosion” (Team Love)

MF Doom – Cellz from “Born Like This” (Lex)

Electrelane – U.O.R from the compilation “Singles, B-Sides and Live” (Too Pure)

Atropolis f. Noelia Fernandez – Asi Asi Asi (Dutty Artz)

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