Musciality 2011 – Episode 10 – hauntology + New Music

This week we’ll dip into ambient influenced by electronic soundtracks, folk and rock half-remembered from childhood: this is “hauntology” scene from which we’ll hear from Pye Corner Audio and Belbury Poly, plus a parallel development in the urban decay of the latest Burial EP.

We’ll also hear a modern producer re-edit Fela Kuti, a new piece of electro-pop, some old-school Human League from the late 70s and a modern piece of jazzy disco from a New Zealand kid living in Paris.

Hatfield and the North – Share It from “The Rotters Club” (Virgin)

Pye Corner Audio – Recrypt from Black Mill Tapes Volume 2 (Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services)

Belbury Poly – A Year And A Day from “From An Ancient Star (Ghost box)

The Incredible String Band – No Sleep Blues from “The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion” (Hannibal)

Burial – NYC from “Street Halo” (Hyperdub)

Pye Corner Audio – We Have Visitors from Black Mill Tapes Volume 1 (Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services)

Pulseprogramming – First They Fire from “Charade is Gold” (Audraglint)

The Human League – Empire State Human from “Reproduction” (Virgin)

Medeski, Martin & Wood – Flat Tires from “Radiolarians 2” (Red Ink)

Fela Kuti – No Possible (Joystick Jay Vulgar Distractions Edit) from Joystick Jay’s Soundcloud

Leno Lovecraft – Passsionate Fantasia from download (a new EP also out through Marman Records)

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Bad Idea mag potted 101 on hauntology  – with reference to the influence of The Wire magazine

Flak Mag’s take on hauntology – with an interview with Simon Reynolds


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