Musicality 2011 – Episode 13: Sea Oleena

This week we look at the music of Canadian ethereal singer-songwriter Sea Oleana. We’ll take several tracks from her new EP called “Sleeplessness”, as well as a cut from an earlier, self-titled EP.

Plus there’s electronic craziness from Laurel Halo and Squarepusher, the soundtrack-tinged sounds from Switzerland, a live solo track from a French double-bassist in New York (who’s played with everyone from Steve Lacy to John Cage), and to end the night jubilant Peruvian dance music from an artist with a tragic story.

*all links below are to legal free downloads of the track or release.

Cobra (avec logo panthère) – Prud’Hommes from “zinzin cobra!” (Independent Release)
Sea Oleena – Sister from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release)  (3:32)
Cocteau Twins – Half-gifts from “Milk And Kisses” (4AD) (4:18)
Sea Oleena – Milk from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release) (4:30)
Acheron – Rain dance from “September Tape Fire” (They Live We Sleep) (4:31)
Laurel Halo – Aquifer from “Hour Logic” (Hippos In Tanks) (5:13)
Squarepusher – Hello Meow from “Hello Everything” (4:15)  (Warp)
Joëlle Léandre – No Comment from a live performance at ISSUE Project Room on 30/6/2010 (5:24)^
Sea Oleena – Island Cottage from “Sea Oleena” (Independent Release) (3:55)
Sea Oleena – Untitled from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release) (4:42)
Cobra (avec logo panthère) – Baba Bobo Mastered from “zinzin cobra!” (Independent Release) (6:01)
Alicia Delgado – En Una Noche de Luna (3:56)

^ Issued under Creative Commons: No Comment (Joelle Leandre) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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An anthropology student in Peru stumbles across the tragic story of Alicia Delgado.

ISSUE PROJECT ROOM: a Brooklyn arts centre for exploratory music. (No less than Yoko Ono and Jim Jarmusch are on the advisory board.)


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