Musicality 2011–Episode 14

A mixed bag this week as we hear from an ex-Bad Seed Mick Harvey, a current member of Hype Williams in Inga Copeland, and separately from a Sierra Leone singer Janka Nabayand his latter day backing band Skeletons. We’ll also hear from a new retrospective compilation from French post-punker Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and round out with an hour of traditional and urban Thai music mixed, sampled and rebuilt and cut down to under four minutes..

* links in playlist are to free legal downloads 

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Hard-Boiled Babe from the best of compilation “From Heaven With Love” (ZE)

Bachelorette – Blanket from an upcoming album (Souterrain Transmissions)

Downliners Sekt – Locked Faces from “Meet The Decline” (Disboot)

Inga Copeland – Trample from free download (Indepdenent)

Laurel Halo – Zoo Hypothesis from “Antenna” (NNA Tapes)

Grimes – Heartbeats (Laurel Halo Remix) – original version from “Halfaxa” (Artbutus Records)

Janka Nabay – Eh Congo from the EP “Bubu King” (True Panther)

The Skeletons – Grandma from “People” (Crammed Discs/Sockets Records)

Mick Harvey – October Boy from “Sketches From The Book Of The Dead” (Mute)

Crime + the City Solution – The Coal Train from “Just South of Heaven” (Mute)

BLÆRG – Auspices And Vagaries from “Auspices and Vagaries” (Bottle Imp Productions)

Take – Face The Firing Squad – from “Dublab “Field Reports” Thailand” (Dublab)

Deerhoof – Midnight Bicycle Mystery from “The Runners Four” (Kill Rock Stars)

Related links:

Frosty’s “Fly Thai High” Mix – Dublab “Field Reports” Thailand


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