Musicality 2011–Episode 16: Duos

This week we look at the diversity of music only two musicians can make. We’ll hear from 5 guitarists, 5 bassists, some folk singers, a pair of sax players and synth tweakers, a drummer, a kora master, a turntablist and a harpist heard in different duos and different genres.

Djeli Moussa Diawara & Bob Brozman – Uncle Joe from “Ocean Blues” (Melodie)

Maddy Prior and June Tabor – Four Loom Weaver from “Silly  Sisters”

Richard Thompson + Danny Thompon – Saboteur from “Industry” (Hannibal)

Peter Brötzmann and Bill Laswell – Locomotive from “Low Life” (Charly UK)

Spring Heel Jack – Maroc from “Amassed” (Thirsty Ear)

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid – Morning Prayer from “The Exchange Sessions vol 1” (Domino)

Charlie Haden – For Turiya from “Closeness” (A&M)

Jah Wobble – Just Me & Phil from “Five Beat” (30 Hertz)

Robert Fripp / Brian Eno – Wind of Water from “Evening Star” (EG)

Bill Frisell – Start from “In Line” (ECM)


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