Musicality 2011–Episode 21–Michael Riessler Live

This week an amazing live set from German saxophonist Michael Riessler. On October 16, 1993 in the town of Donaueschinger, he collected a diverse group of musicians and a 9 piece string and brass orchestra for a avant jazz extravaganza.

Continuing our season of live sets, this week we bring you a first four tracks of this amazing concert.

And in preparation we’ll also hear the diverse musicians he brings together, whose own work are in no preparation for what happens live: space-faring pianist and harmonica Howard Levy  of The Flecktones and Trio Globo; Renaud Garcia-Fons, who believes the double bass is a flamenco instrument; drummer Robbie Ameen, who’s played with everyone from Paul Simon to Duke Ellington; and Pierre Charial who pays the barrel organ…

…as in the type usually associated with hat wearing monkeys. But just wait until you hear it live…

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones – Blu-Bop from “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo” (Warner)
Michael Riessler with Carlo Rizzo – Esitazione  from “Palude” (Wergo)
Trio Globo – Trio Globo – In The Village from “Steering By The Stars” (Stonecutter)
Renaud Garcia-Fons – Inanga from “Legendes” (Enja)
Pierre Charial – Nola from “Valse Swing Machine” (Stil)

Live Set:

Michael Riessler – Anekdoten from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – La Rage from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – Ein Itlige Sprag Hat Ir Eigen Art from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – Luigi from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)

David Byrne – Good and Evil from “Rei Moro” (Luka Bop)


Musicality 2011 – EP 20: Swahili Blonde Live Set

Continuing our live music season, this week we hear from modern post-punkers Swahili Blonde recorded live for the LA net radio station dublab.

This live set is also freely available for download thanks to the wonders of creative Commons Licensing (see below).

We’ll also hear from some other heroes of the post-punk scene from over the decades in the short-lived Gramme, The Ut, The Fall and Suicide.

Gramme – Like You from “Pre-Release” (Output)
Ut – Rummy from “Griller” (Blast First)
Fall – R.O.D. from “Bend Sinister” (Beggars Banquet) 
23 Skidoo – Last Words the compilation “Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk vol.1” (Mute)
Pigbag – Sunny Day from the compilation “Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk vol. 1” (Mute)
Swahili Blonde – live at dublab’s Sprout Session (07.09.10)*
Suicide – Keep Your Dreams from “Suicide” ()


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Musicality 2011–Episode 19

This week we continue our live sessions, with a couple of tracks UK electronic stalwarts  Autechre recorded for John Peel in 1995.

We also feature new music from fellow electronic veterans Photek and Amon Tobin, another track from the much anticipated album from new Mute signings Apparat, and more from producer Drifter.

* all links are to legal downloads

Cyro Baptista – Sweet Cuica from “Beat The Donkey” (Tzadik)
Photek –
Cecconi from the EP “Aviator” (Photek Productions)
Amon Tobin –
Lost And Found from “ISAM” (Ninja Tune)
Logo –
Merit (Edit) from the EP “Merit” (Kitsune)
Orphx –
Vapour from the EP “Traces” (Traversable Wormhole/Sonic Groove)
Autechre – Milk DX from “Peel Sesion” (Warp)
Autechre – Inhake 2 from “Peel Session” (Warp)
Drifter – Please Stay from the EP “
Drifter” (Independent) 
Apparat –
Black Water from “The Devil’s Walk” (Mute)
Babe Rainbow –
Set Loose from the EP “Endless Path” (Warp)
Boredoms – (Arrow Up) from “Vision Creation Newsun” (WP)

Musicality 2011–Episode 18

This week we’ll hear more from the latest Downliners Sekt EP, take a couple of dubby excursions, and add in a dark folk tale and a bunch of 80’s inspired electro.

At the heart of the program we’ll hear part of a live set by the Indonesian inspired Arrington de Dionyso, recorded live on the Marty McSorley program on WFMU.

Konnichiwa – Cryosphere from “Visions” (Rainbow Body)

Planningtorock – The Breaks from “The Breaks” (DFA) 

Tape3000 vs ST – In The Dark Light from free download (Independent)

Downliners Sekt – All I Can Hear Now from “Meet the Decline” (Disboot)

Brilliant Colors – How Much Younger from “Again and Again” (Slumberland)

Cross Record – Black Cat from “Magnetic Current”  (Another New Calligraphy)

Arrington de Dionyso – Bianglala from the radio broadcast Live At WFMU on Marty McSorley (WFMU)  *

Arrington de Dionyso – Kerasukan/Rasa Sentuh from the radio broadcast Live At WFMU on Marty McSorley (WFMU)  *

Balam Acab – Oh, Why from “Wander/Wonder” (Tri-Angle)

Downliners Sekt – Rising Saudade from “Meet the Decline” (Disboot)

Sand Circles – Stellar Waves from “Midnight Crimes” (No Not Fun)

Runaway – Dead Dog Dub (Sal P’s Spoon Full of Dub w Sean Bee) from free download (On The Prowl)

Drifter – Elliott from the EP “Drifter” (Independent)

*Live at WFMU on Marty McSorley May 24 2011 (Arrington de Dionyso) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0