Musicality 2011–Episode 19

This week we continue our live sessions, with a couple of tracks UK electronic stalwarts  Autechre recorded for John Peel in 1995.

We also feature new music from fellow electronic veterans Photek and Amon Tobin, another track from the much anticipated album from new Mute signings Apparat, and more from producer Drifter.

* all links are to legal downloads

Cyro Baptista – Sweet Cuica from “Beat The Donkey” (Tzadik)
Photek –
Cecconi from the EP “Aviator” (Photek Productions)
Amon Tobin –
Lost And Found from “ISAM” (Ninja Tune)
Logo –
Merit (Edit) from the EP “Merit” (Kitsune)
Orphx –
Vapour from the EP “Traces” (Traversable Wormhole/Sonic Groove)
Autechre – Milk DX from “Peel Sesion” (Warp)
Autechre – Inhake 2 from “Peel Session” (Warp)
Drifter – Please Stay from the EP “
Drifter” (Independent) 
Apparat –
Black Water from “The Devil’s Walk” (Mute)
Babe Rainbow –
Set Loose from the EP “Endless Path” (Warp)
Boredoms – (Arrow Up) from “Vision Creation Newsun” (WP)


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