Musicality 2011–Episode 21–Michael Riessler Live

This week an amazing live set from German saxophonist Michael Riessler. On October 16, 1993 in the town of Donaueschinger, he collected a diverse group of musicians and a 9 piece string and brass orchestra for a avant jazz extravaganza.

Continuing our season of live sets, this week we bring you a first four tracks of this amazing concert.

And in preparation we’ll also hear the diverse musicians he brings together, whose own work are in no preparation for what happens live: space-faring pianist and harmonica Howard Levy  of The Flecktones and Trio Globo; Renaud Garcia-Fons, who believes the double bass is a flamenco instrument; drummer Robbie Ameen, who’s played with everyone from Paul Simon to Duke Ellington; and Pierre Charial who pays the barrel organ…

…as in the type usually associated with hat wearing monkeys. But just wait until you hear it live…

Béla Fleck and the Flecktones – Blu-Bop from “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo” (Warner)
Michael Riessler with Carlo Rizzo – Esitazione  from “Palude” (Wergo)
Trio Globo – Trio Globo – In The Village from “Steering By The Stars” (Stonecutter)
Renaud Garcia-Fons – Inanga from “Legendes” (Enja)
Pierre Charial – Nola from “Valse Swing Machine” (Stil)

Live Set:

Michael Riessler – Anekdoten from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – La Rage from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – Ein Itlige Sprag Hat Ir Eigen Art from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)
Michael Riessler – Luigi from “Momentum Mobile” (Enja)

David Byrne – Good and Evil from “Rei Moro” (Luka Bop)


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