Musicality (On The Mix) 2011 – Episode 3

An old (Eno, Hawkwind, The Mystery Trend) vs new (Grimes, Omar S, Gavin Russom) mix.

Look out for the 12 minute epic as Caribou (pseudonymously known here as Daphni) stretches out a track from Thomas Mpafumo.

Also music from the debut album form Melbournian songwriter Poland aka Holly McNaught.

And Yello. Because I care/can.

Maria Minerva – Kyrie Eleison from free download
Omar S. – Unitarian from “High School Graffiti” (Scion A/V)
S.C.U.M – White Chapel (Light Asylum Remix) original from “Again Into Eyes” (Mute)
Hawkwind – The Forge of Vulcan from “Quark Strangeness & Charm” (Griffin)
Brian Eno – The Big Ship from “Another Green World” (Island)
Poland – Anenomes from “Sea Woof” (Pocketclock)
Daphni – Mapfumo from “Edits” (Resista)  – a remix of Thomas Mpafumo & The Black Unlimited’s “Shumba”
Owiny Sigoma Band – Hera (Sun Araw Remix) – original from “Owiny Sigoma Band” (Brownswood Productions)
The Mystery Trend – Johnny Was A Good Boy from the compilation “Nuggets: Original Artifacts from the First Psychadelic Era 1965-1968” (Elektra/Sire)  
Yello – Move Dance Be Born from “Zebra” (4th & Broadway)
Grimes – Crystal Ball (stalker 432Hz mirrormix) original from “Geidi Primes” (No Pain In Pop)
Gavin Russom – Night Sky (Radio Edit) from the single “Night Sky” (DFA)


Musicality On The Mix 2011–Episode 2

This week a race around the world as we hear Caribbean dub, London sitar, Sufi Poetry wandering New York, a Londoner in Mali, music from a Moroccan market, Leeds beats and a track from Nettle aka dj /rupture which comes with a story (click on this track’s link to read.)

Quincy Jones – They Call Me Mister Tibbs from Can Yo Dig It (Soul Jazz)
Prince Far I – Throw Away Your Gun from “A Brief History of Ambience vol. 3” (Virgin)

Mali Music – The Djembe from Mali Music (Honest Jon’s)
LFO – Shut Down from “Advance” (Warp)
Nettle – Serranito from “Bin Scrape Laden” (Soot Records)

Unknown Morrocan Artist – Unknown Track from the mp3 CD
“Caabi One 2010” (Unknown Label)
Leyland Kirby – Ruined Visions from the vinyl EP “Intrigue & Stuff vol. 1” (Independent)
LFO – Advance from “Advance” (Warp)
Talvin Singh – Light from “Ok” (Island)

Sussan Deyhim, Bill Laswell – Negara from “Shy Angels” (Crammed Discs)
Diskjokke – Panutup from “Sagara” (Smalltown Supersound)

Musicality on the Mix 2011 – Episode 1 (Mutamassik)

Musicality is returning on the Mix for the forseeable future, which means no talkbreaks; just a mix of new and old music squished together for your enjoyment.

This week’s mix is features several tracks from American/Egyptian producer Mutamassik, who cut together beats with ethnic samples; she’s also heard on the mix herself with an except from a session she created with dj/ rupture.

We’ll also hear a track from the St Vincent’s upcoming album, new Moby, but not in any way poppy; the latest from the Anticon stable and close with some classic King Crimson.

Murcof – Memoria Sutekh Trisagoin Mix IDC from "Utopia" (Leaf)
Geko Jones & Reaganomics – Las cuatro palomas remix master revised 022811 from free download (Independent)
Mutamassik – DreamState from "
That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)
Zastranienie – Totem i tabu from the EP
"Manifest za Radio i TV" (Cao! Place)
Mutamassik – Swampum
from "That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)

Alias – Wanna Let It Go from "Fever Dream" (Anticon)
Kendrick Lamar –
Rigamortus from "Section.80" (Top Dawg Entertainment)
St Vincent –
Surgeon from "Strange Mercy" (4AD)
Moby –
The Broken Places (Extended Version) from free download
Mutamassik – BchGyp
from "That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)
DJ Rupture vs Mutamassik – The Bidoun Sessions (excerpt) from "The Bedoun Sessions"  (Violent Turd)
King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky from "Discipline" (Virgin)

Musicality 2011 – Episode 23: Caribou and Klause Schulze

This week marks the end of our live music series, with a tracks from Dan Snaith aka Caribou, recorded at 2009 New York leg of All Tomorrow’s Parties, plus a long track from Klause Schulze’s Royal Festival Hall volume 1.
Caribou w/ Vibration Ensemble – recorded live at All Tomorrow’s Parties at New York on 13/09/09 (WFMU):

(Released under Creative Commons: Vibration Ensemble Live at ATP-NY on WFMU 9/13/09 (Caribou) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Caribou w/ Vibration Ensemble – Skunks
Caribou w/ Vibration Ensemble – Barnowl
Caribou w/ Vibration Ensemble – Brahimy Kite
Caribou w/ Vibration Ensemble – A Final Warning

Klaus Schulze – Silence and Sequence from “Royal Festival Hall Vol. 1” (Caroline)

Musicality 2011–Episode 22–Spring Heel Jack live

This week, another in our season of live sets.

Spring Heel Jack is a duo made up of a classically trained composer and the producer of Betty Boo’s “Doin’ The Do”. Naturally they produced some of the most interesting drum ‘n’ bass of the mid ‘90s.

However as the millennium turned, they became interested in free Improv, and started releasing albums with improvisers from the US and the UK, which eventually lead to the album Live, for Matthew Shipp’s Blue Series on Thirsty Ear records.

First up this week we hear from all the participants: UK saxophonist Even Parker and Dutch drummer Han Bennink in duet; Shipp and bassist William Parker producing acoustic funk jazz; Spring Heel Jack themselves and a slice of their drum ‘n’ bass; and the most surprising participant, Jason Pearce aka J Spaceman of Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized.

And then we hear the first set of them all together of a date in Bath, England in 2003.

Evan Parker & Han Bennink – To Tangle Lure And Snare from “The Grass Is Greener” (Psi)
Spiritualized – Come Together from “Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating In Space (Sony)
Spring Heel Jack – Where Do You Fit In? from “There Are Strings” (Rough Trade)
Matthew Shipp – Cohesion from “Equilibrium” (Thirsty Ear)
Spring Heel Jack – Part I from “Live” (Thirsty Ear