Musicality 2011–Episode 22–Spring Heel Jack live

This week, another in our season of live sets.

Spring Heel Jack is a duo made up of a classically trained composer and the producer of Betty Boo’s “Doin’ The Do”. Naturally they produced some of the most interesting drum ‘n’ bass of the mid ‘90s.

However as the millennium turned, they became interested in free Improv, and started releasing albums with improvisers from the US and the UK, which eventually lead to the album Live, for Matthew Shipp’s Blue Series on Thirsty Ear records.

First up this week we hear from all the participants: UK saxophonist Even Parker and Dutch drummer Han Bennink in duet; Shipp and bassist William Parker producing acoustic funk jazz; Spring Heel Jack themselves and a slice of their drum ‘n’ bass; and the most surprising participant, Jason Pearce aka J Spaceman of Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized.

And then we hear the first set of them all together of a date in Bath, England in 2003.

Evan Parker & Han Bennink – To Tangle Lure And Snare from “The Grass Is Greener” (Psi)
Spiritualized – Come Together from “Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating In Space (Sony)
Spring Heel Jack – Where Do You Fit In? from “There Are Strings” (Rough Trade)
Matthew Shipp – Cohesion from “Equilibrium” (Thirsty Ear)
Spring Heel Jack – Part I from “Live” (Thirsty Ear


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