Musicality on the Mix 2011 – Episode 1 (Mutamassik)

Musicality is returning on the Mix for the forseeable future, which means no talkbreaks; just a mix of new and old music squished together for your enjoyment.

This week’s mix is features several tracks from American/Egyptian producer Mutamassik, who cut together beats with ethnic samples; she’s also heard on the mix herself with an except from a session she created with dj/ rupture.

We’ll also hear a track from the St Vincent’s upcoming album, new Moby, but not in any way poppy; the latest from the Anticon stable and close with some classic King Crimson.

Murcof – Memoria Sutekh Trisagoin Mix IDC from "Utopia" (Leaf)
Geko Jones & Reaganomics – Las cuatro palomas remix master revised 022811 from free download (Independent)
Mutamassik – DreamState from "
That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)
Zastranienie – Totem i tabu from the EP
"Manifest za Radio i TV" (Cao! Place)
Mutamassik – Swampum
from "That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)

Alias – Wanna Let It Go from "Fever Dream" (Anticon)
Kendrick Lamar –
Rigamortus from "Section.80" (Top Dawg Entertainment)
St Vincent –
Surgeon from "Strange Mercy" (4AD)
Moby –
The Broken Places (Extended Version) from free download
Mutamassik – BchGyp
from "That Which Cannot Destroy" (Independent)
DJ Rupture vs Mutamassik – The Bidoun Sessions (excerpt) from "The Bedoun Sessions"  (Violent Turd)
King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky from "Discipline" (Virgin)


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