Musicality On The Mix 2011–Episode 2

This week a race around the world as we hear Caribbean dub, London sitar, Sufi Poetry wandering New York, a Londoner in Mali, music from a Moroccan market, Leeds beats and a track from Nettle aka dj /rupture which comes with a story (click on this track’s link to read.)

Quincy Jones – They Call Me Mister Tibbs from Can Yo Dig It (Soul Jazz)
Prince Far I – Throw Away Your Gun from “A Brief History of Ambience vol. 3” (Virgin)

Mali Music – The Djembe from Mali Music (Honest Jon’s)
LFO – Shut Down from “Advance” (Warp)
Nettle – Serranito from “Bin Scrape Laden” (Soot Records)

Unknown Morrocan Artist – Unknown Track from the mp3 CD
“Caabi One 2010” (Unknown Label)
Leyland Kirby – Ruined Visions from the vinyl EP “Intrigue & Stuff vol. 1” (Independent)
LFO – Advance from “Advance” (Warp)
Talvin Singh – Light from “Ok” (Island)

Sussan Deyhim, Bill Laswell – Negara from “Shy Angels” (Crammed Discs)
Diskjokke – Panutup from “Sagara” (Smalltown Supersound)


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