Musicality on the mix 2011 – episode 6

This week we smash together electro-pop, techno, free-jazz, post-rock and some classic guitar noodling from the Duritti Column. Of note is two tracks from a new 7” single from young Canadian producer The Parish of Little Clifton.

Below, as always you can find links to legal free download of many of these tracks for your enjoyments.

Stanislav Tolkachev – Rudiment 4 from "Rudiment" (Funque Droppings)
The Parish of Little Clifton – It’s Okay, Roseanne from the 7" "Septemberish" (Bad Panda)
Depeche Mode – Photographic (Some Bizzare Verion) from "Singles 8185" (Mute)
Radiant Dragon – Terminal from "Terminal" (Cloud Factory/Independent)
Mark McGuire – Get Lost from “Living With Yourself” (Editions Mego)
Touch People – Depth Of Width Part 1 from “Show Me Your Dimensions” (Illegal Art)
Class Actress – Weekend from "Rapprocher" (Carpark)
The Parish of Little Clifton – Echo Island from the 7" "Septemberish" (Bad Panda)
Durutti Column – Lips That Would Kiss from "The Return of The Durutti Column" (Factory)
Radiant Dragon – Preseli from free download (Cloud Factory/Independent)
Sleep Over – Romantic Streams (Damu Remix) original from "Forever" (Hippos In Tanks)
Gel Set – U-lock In My Hand from free download (Omen)
Blondes (Sam Haar and Zach Steinman) – Beside You recorded live at the Easy Not Easy Festival (Independent)
Mint Julep – Aviary (Mogwai Remix) from free download (Independent)


Musicality on the Mix 2011–Ep 5

This week a gem of a 13 minute sonic experiment Röyksopp has made available to their fans to whet their appetites between albums. Orbiting this epic comes manipulated music from Vietnam and Indonesia, post-punk from The Fall and Wire, the latest song from Cat Martino, and some dubsteppiness in the middle. Enjoy…

The Fall – Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room from “The Infotainment Scan” (Permanent)
Wire – 23 Years Too Late (Radio Edit) from “Read & Burn 03” (Pink Flag)
The Orb – Kiss Your Love from “Ultra Rare Trax” (O.R.B.)
Tjutjuna – Songer Dance from the split cassette with Woodman “The Woodman / Tjutjuna Tour Split” (Independent)
How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2 (Holy Other Remix) original from the EP “Just Once”  (Love Letters Ink)
M Dubs/Lady Saw – Bump ‘N’ Grind from the single “Bump ‘n’ Grind” (Telstar)
Quenombre – Asdasd from free download (dublab)
Röyksopp – Shores Of Easy from free download (Independent)
Cat Martino – Yr Not Alone (feat. Sufjan Stevens) from “Yr Not Alone” (Independent)
Brufurd Levin Upper Extremitie – Etude Revisited from “B.L.U.E.” (Discipline Global Mobile)
Zoo – Bambu Runcing from the compilation “Jogja Istimewa” (Xeroxed)

Musicality on the mix 2011 – Episode 4

This week a mix mostly made up of recent free downloads.

Of excitement is a track from Plaid’s first album in eight years – you may also have heard of their recent work as part of Black Dog Productions. Plus tUnEyArDs gets the remix treatment from no less than the Beastie’s Ad Rock. While Musicality favourites Balam Acab and Holy Other do some remixing of their own.

Plus if anyone knows who released the track I Please You 3, or for any other comments, get in touch via

EMA – The Grey Ship from free download (Souterrain Transmissions)
SLEEP ∞ OVER – Romantic Streams (BALAM ACAB remix) originally from “Forever” (Hippos In Tanks)
Walls – Sunporch (Holy Other Remix) originally from free download (Tri Angle))
This Mortal Coil – Strength Of Strings from “Filifree & Shadow” (4AD)
Vorhees – The Orchard (Peoples Club 7-inch Version) from free download (Independent)
Plaid – Missing from Scintilli (Warp)
Unknown Artist – I Please You 3 (5:15)
Fineline – Berauschen from “World EP” (White In Music)
Ital – Ital’s Theme from the 12” “Ital’s Theme” (100% Silk)
Audiophil – Things Will Change from “Call Myself” (Phonocake)
M+A – Liko Lene Lisa – from free download  (Independent)
tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta (Ad-Rock remix) from free download (4AD)
Angel Olsen – In the Morning from the compilation “Chicago Compilation” (Twosyllable)
Tjutjuna – Songer Dance from the split cassette with Woodman “The Woodman / Tjutjuna Tour Split” (Independent)