Musicality on the Mix 2011–Ep 5

This week a gem of a 13 minute sonic experiment Röyksopp has made available to their fans to whet their appetites between albums. Orbiting this epic comes manipulated music from Vietnam and Indonesia, post-punk from The Fall and Wire, the latest song from Cat Martino, and some dubsteppiness in the middle. Enjoy…

The Fall – Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room from “The Infotainment Scan” (Permanent)
Wire – 23 Years Too Late (Radio Edit) from “Read & Burn 03” (Pink Flag)
The Orb – Kiss Your Love from “Ultra Rare Trax” (O.R.B.)
Tjutjuna – Songer Dance from the split cassette with Woodman “The Woodman / Tjutjuna Tour Split” (Independent)
How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2 (Holy Other Remix) original from the EP “Just Once”  (Love Letters Ink)
M Dubs/Lady Saw – Bump ‘N’ Grind from the single “Bump ‘n’ Grind” (Telstar)
Quenombre – Asdasd from free download (dublab)
Röyksopp – Shores Of Easy from free download (Independent)
Cat Martino – Yr Not Alone (feat. Sufjan Stevens) from “Yr Not Alone” (Independent)
Brufurd Levin Upper Extremitie – Etude Revisited from “B.L.U.E.” (Discipline Global Mobile)
Zoo – Bambu Runcing from the compilation “Jogja Istimewa” (Xeroxed)


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