Musicality on the Mix 2011 – Episode 8

Again my apologies, but this was the episode should have gone to air three weeks ago, but gremlins got into the system.

So finally, a wide-ranging mix this week taking in ambient, 8-bit, electro-pop and David Byrne

Overseer – Meteorology from “Wreckage” (Columbia)

Mitoma – Ending from “Interstellar Debris” (Section 7)

Tricky – Yoga from “Nearly God” (Island)

The Orb – Dilmun from “Bicycles and Tricycles” (Cooking Vinyl)

Akron/Family – Cashanet (prod. Brian Eno) from “S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT” (Family Tree)

Shlohmo – Just Us from “Bad Vibes” (Friends of Friends)

Leafcutter John – Palm Reader from “Tunis” (Tsuku Boshi)

Leafcutter John – Introduction in the Wrong Place from “Tunis” (Tsuku Boshi)

Banco de Gaia – Big Men Cry from “Big Men Cry” (Six Degrees)

The Juan Maclean – Everybody Get Close from an upcoming rarities compilation (DFA)

David Byrne – My Fair Lady from a Wired magazine compilation (Wired)

Cheapshot – Roopy from “ZOMG” (8bitpeople)

Caught Ship – Ground Foot from free download (Independent)

Zambri – Heather Heather Heather Heather from the EP “Glossolalia” (Kanine)


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