Musicality on the Mix 2011– Episode 9

The final episode which should have gone to air three weeks ago, but due to  gremlins in the system it didn’t get to air as scheduled.

All is now fixed, so let me present jazz, though in some cases in the loosest possible terms. Ranging from prog fusion to ambient trumpet to free freakery.

Chicago Underground Duo – Green Ants from “Boca Negra” (Thrill Jockey)
Clarion Fracture Zone – Zones on Parade from “Zones On Parades” (Rufus)
Peter de Havilland – Escher from “Bois de Boulonge” (Venture)
Martin Kratochvil’s Jazz Q – Toledo from the compilation “Prog Is Nor A Four Letter Word” (Delay 68)
Dave Douglas – Eastern Parkway from “Freak In” (Bluebird)
Jon Hassell – Courage from “Fourth World, Vol 2: Dream Theory in Malaya” (EG)
Charlie Haden – Circus ’68 ’69 from “Liberation Music Orchestra” (Impulse)
Henry Cow – Came to See You from the compilation “The Road” (Recommended)
Frank Zappa – Didja Get Any Onya from “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” (Rykodisc)
Robert Wyatt – A Sunday in Madrid from Shleep” (Hannibal)


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