Garry McKenzie hosts Musicality, a radio program which starts at the margins of mainstream music and heads outwards, taking in electroncia, rock, jazz, world and anything else which he stumbles across.

It was originally broadcast between 1997 and 2004 on the Armidale-based station 2UNE (aka Tune FM).

It was originally conceived to introduce the listener (and the host) to creative and experimental music which not otherwise broadcast in country NSW due to being non-mainstream, obscure, or simply old. It served as both an exploration of new music, and the relationships between different music or decades via collaborations, influences, cover versions and sampling.

In 2010 Garry brought Musicality to JacRadio, the student radio station of the University of Queensland, where the program has evolved. The original program was confined to a small personal purchasing budget, the generosity of some record labels and friends, the local library and the more interesting areas of the 2UNE record library (especially it’s fine collection of progressive rock). However, this new, modern Musicality is able to dip into the online world.

Musicality now incorporates an emphasis towards those artists and labels who release music online for free – from major artists promoting their latest album or throwing out an unreleased demo, to the virbrant world of netlabels

Musicality is broadcast weekly on JacRadio.com.au, the online student radio station of the University of Queensland. It is repeated three times a week.

On Air: Thursdays 6pm, Fridays 9am, Mondays 10pm Australian Eastern Time (ie no daylight saving).


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