Musicality On The Hiatus

Musicality is on hiatus for the indefinite future. This is due partly to the program’s station in JacRadio being a student radio station. The Australian academic year has ended, and while some shows are venturing onwards over the long break, for the most part the station is on pre-programmed hibernation until the next batch of students arrive bright-eyed in O-Week.

More personally, with oncoming (quite good) happenings in my life I am unsure if I have the time in 2013. We’ll see. On the other hand I now own a laptop and am digitising my entire CD collection, so making radio may become easier.

O-Week is late February, so if I am back I’ll be back. If not, we’ll see. Meanwhile, my irregular musings can be found at One Bedraggled Boy, starting off with my ten favourite tracks of 2011.


Wrong episode this week

My apologies, but the wrong episode of Musicality is playing this week.

Instead of hearing from Overseer and friends, we are instead currently hearing this episode from earlier in the year.

It’s still a good ‘un though.

Normal business will return next week.

Live from Different Times

Musicality will be bringing you a season of live recordings. Some are available as free downloads thanks to the wonders of Creative Commons licensing and the broadcasters who embrace it. Others are from commercial releases.


We will start off this week with a couple of tracks from Arrington de Dionyso recorded on WFMU, and next week take in some Autechre on John Peel. Some weeks we’ll bring you a couple of tracks, others an entire set. The rest of each program will be a normal mix of new music and interesting oldies/oddities.

Musicality 2011–Episode 16: Duos

This week we look at the diversity of music only two musicians can make. We’ll hear from 5 guitarists, 5 bassists, some folk singers, a pair of sax players and synth tweakers, a drummer, a kora master, a turntablist and a harpist heard in different duos and different genres.

Djeli Moussa Diawara & Bob Brozman – Uncle Joe from “Ocean Blues” (Melodie)

Maddy Prior and June Tabor – Four Loom Weaver from “Silly  Sisters”

Richard Thompson + Danny Thompon – Saboteur from “Industry” (Hannibal)

Peter Brötzmann and Bill Laswell – Locomotive from “Low Life” (Charly UK)

Spring Heel Jack – Maroc from “Amassed” (Thirsty Ear)

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid – Morning Prayer from “The Exchange Sessions vol 1” (Domino)

Charlie Haden – For Turiya from “Closeness” (A&M)

Jah Wobble – Just Me & Phil from “Five Beat” (30 Hertz)

Robert Fripp / Brian Eno – Wind of Water from “Evening Star” (EG)

Bill Frisell – Start from “In Line” (ECM)

RIP Gil Scott-Heron

I got a tweet he’d died and checked Wikipedia. It said he was still alive. One minute later it changed to reflect his death. A minute later Wikipedia resurrected him, and just afterwards he slipped away again.

Anyway Pitchfork is now taking the news so I guess that’s now official.

I can’t say I’ve pulled out the album I own for a long time but respect his influence on hip-hop.

Musicality 2011 – Episode 13: Sea Oleena

This week we look at the music of Canadian ethereal singer-songwriter Sea Oleana. We’ll take several tracks from her new EP called “Sleeplessness”, as well as a cut from an earlier, self-titled EP.

Plus there’s electronic craziness from Laurel Halo and Squarepusher, the soundtrack-tinged sounds from Switzerland, a live solo track from a French double-bassist in New York (who’s played with everyone from Steve Lacy to John Cage), and to end the night jubilant Peruvian dance music from an artist with a tragic story.

*all links below are to legal free downloads of the track or release.

Cobra (avec logo panthère) – Prud’Hommes from “zinzin cobra!” (Independent Release)
Sea Oleena – Sister from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release)  (3:32)
Cocteau Twins – Half-gifts from “Milk And Kisses” (4AD) (4:18)
Sea Oleena – Milk from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release) (4:30)
Acheron – Rain dance from “September Tape Fire” (They Live We Sleep) (4:31)
Laurel Halo – Aquifer from “Hour Logic” (Hippos In Tanks) (5:13)
Squarepusher – Hello Meow from “Hello Everything” (4:15)  (Warp)
Joëlle Léandre – No Comment from a live performance at ISSUE Project Room on 30/6/2010 (5:24)^
Sea Oleena – Island Cottage from “Sea Oleena” (Independent Release) (3:55)
Sea Oleena – Untitled from “Sleeplessness” (Independent Release) (4:42)
Cobra (avec logo panthère) – Baba Bobo Mastered from “zinzin cobra!” (Independent Release) (6:01)
Alicia Delgado – En Una Noche de Luna (3:56)

^ Issued under Creative Commons: No Comment (Joelle Leandre) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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ISSUE PROJECT ROOM: a Brooklyn arts centre for exploratory music. (No less than Yoko Ono and Jim Jarmusch are on the advisory board.)