Submit Music

If you would like to submit some music for airplay, or tip me off to something which would fit the program, then leave a comment here, or click on the Email Musicality link above. I can’t promise I’ll play everything, but I’ll give it a good listen.

If your music is copyrighted don’t fret – I don’t post songs anywhere, nor is the program a podcast – it is streaming only. Just think of Musicality as a real radio program on a real radio station – which it is. Though JacRadio is currently online only, it is fully paid up to the Australian copyright bodies. And it’s run by a government University, who doesn’t like legal problems from it’s little broadcasting unit.

So Musicality is a streamed program. There is no podcast, and I don’t host any tracks to download. So if you do want to submit copyrighted material you want played, be assured it’ll be part of the program and nothing else.

If you do have something available for free – whether you are unsigned, a netlabel or a major puttings a freebie out there as a taster – I link to any track or release which is a free legal download. Usually I link to artist’s or label’s website or soundcloud etc, or to a reputable publication ala Pitchfork, The Wire etc (ie somewhere with a legal department which would ensure anything available is legit).

Occasionally I’ll also link to tracks which are only available for purchase on the artist’s website only.

So send an email and we’ll go from there.


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